Investment Advisory

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management focuses on protecting the clients' principal while providing daily liquidity and a competitive rate of return. We adhere to a disciplined investment process that combines top down macroeconomics and bottom-up fundamental analysis to help safeguard client investments while focusing on the prioritized objectives of safety, liquidity, and yield.

Credit Research

Our Credit Team manages credit risk of all counterparties. Client risk exposures and investment recommendations are evaluated through continuous research and monitoring of the market, issuer-specific developments, and credit fundamentals.

Risk Management

Risk management involves technology that continuously monitors portfolio positions to comply with stated risk tolerances and investment objectives. Proper risk management requires a collaborative effort from portfolio management, trade operations, compliance, and credit. In most cases, funds are subject to stress testing to simulate adverse market conditions to help to ensure each portfolio maintains a sufficient margin of safety and liquidity.

Portfolio Valuation

We obtain independent prices for each security in our managed pools on a daily basis to prepare a mark-to-market assessment of the difference between the amortized cost and market value of each holding.

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