What We Do
Founded in 2011, Public Trust is a client-focused, independent investment advisor that specializes in managing and servicing the investment needs of local governments nationwide. We are your one-stop-shop for convenient, cost-effective investment management and advisory services.

Our guiding principle is to safeguard the public’s funds while minimizing market risk and maximizing both liquidity and yield.
Who We Serve
We offer high-quality, cost effective investment management services for the public sector via local government investment pools and separately managed accounts.

When earning additional investment income for their communities, clients are able to finance more projects, hire new people, expand payroll, and increase reserve funds.
Our Story
Because the public sector was and still is being overcharged and underserviced for investment advisory services, we created Public Trust on the foundation of providing high-quality services at a low cost.

Our services are designed to help clients increase investment income over time, seeking to provide additional returns to communities and taxpayers across the nation.

How We Can Assist You

Having the right investment adviser can mean more for your local community; let us show you what we can do for you. Our local government investment pool (LGIP) and separately managed account services are utilized by nearly 6,000 public entities nationwide. Our LGIP Participants have contributed to the following: 
new LGIP
participants in 2022
firm wide assets under
investment income generated
for LGIPs in 2022
average monthly investment
income generated for LGIPs in 2022
Source: Public Trust Advisors, LLC. Data is unaudited.*Data as of December 31, 2022. Of the $64.94 billion in assets, Public Trust local government investment pool services compose $53.48 billion in assets under management and separately managed account services compose $11.46 billion in assets under management.

How can we serve you?

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