The Federal Reserve

Apr 25, 2024


From the Desk of Public Trust Advisors, LLC

Understanding the Role of the Federal Reserve: A Comprehensive Overview


The Federal Reserve, often referred to as “The Fed,” has emerged as a central figure in the economic narrative of the United States. From its pivotal role in stabilizing interest rates during the Great Financial Crisis to its more recent and determined stance against inflation, the Fed’s actions have significantly impacted both the financial markets and the everyday life of the American public.

Understanding the role of the Fed and its impact on interest rates is a useful tool for decision-making whether for a municipality, corporation, or individual. Following the Fed’s actions can provide critical information in terms of where rates are and where they may be headed. Smarter analyses can lead to greater opportunities to invest safely and wisely and can reduce interest outlays for financing projects.

To learn more about the Federal Reserve’s functions, tools, and strategies to maintain price stability and maximize employment, download the newest whitepaper The Federal Reserve – What is it & How Does it Work authored by the Senior Director of Investment Services, Laura Glenn, CFA®, at Public Trust Advisors, LLC.

The Federal Reserve – What is it & How Does it Work?

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Laura Glenn, CFA ®

Senior Director, Investment Services

Public Trust Advisors, LLC

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