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05 - Monthly Economic Update
Monthly Economic Update

May 2019 Economic Update

In April, the U.S. equity markets maintained momentum following the strongest first quarter performance in twenty-one years and sent several major…

04 - Monthly Economic Update
Monthly Economic Update

April 2019 Economic Update

Fourth quarter GDP growth was revised downward from 2.60% to 2.20%, yet persistently tight labor market conditions continue to…

03 - Monthly Economic Update
Monthly Economic Update

March 2019 Economic Update

While growth has slowed, the U.S. economy is not in the lion’s den. The U.S. economy cooled with only 2.6% GDP growth in…

Bank building

Four Helpful Hints for Evaluating a Bank

One of the most important choices both individuals and organizations can make is their choice of bank. Public Trust has compiled four simple tips to help you evaluate your bank of choice and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Monthly Economic Update

February 2019 Economic Update

Early 2019 was marked by a new record: the longest partial government shutdown in United States history, lasting 35 days…


What the Shape of the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve Suggests About Economic Expectations

There is a lot an investor can learn by examining the shape of the yield curve. In this article, Public Trust looks at the characteristics of three kinds of yield curves: normal, flat, and inverted.

Computer security on laptop

Five Ways to Protect Your Organization from Fraud

Fraud has increasingly become a part of everyday life for individuals and businesses with the methods becoming more sophisticated each year. In fact, 63% of businesses said they experienced the same or more fraud losses in the past twelve months according to a 2018 Global Fraud Report by Experian. As such, Public Trust Advisors, LLC (Public Trust) has compiled the top five ways from industry experts to predict, prevent, and protect your organization from fraud.


Q&A With Our Portfolio Managers, Randy and Neil

We are pleased to feature a Q&A interview by Emmie Madison, Content Writer for Public Trust Advisors, LLC (Public Trust), with Portfolio Managers Neil Waud and Randy Palomba. We discussed their experience, the economic landscape, and managing local government funds.

Business analytics intelligence concept, financial charts to analyze profit and finance.

15 Tips to Fine-Tune Your Investment Policy

Updating your investment policy can be a time consuming task. To help, Public Trust Advisors has put together fifteen recommendations that can be used as a checklist to revisit your investment policy today!

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