Monday Musings: December 23, 2019

Dec 23, 2019


Public Trust Credit Team

Analogy Practice: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is to Boeing as the Grinch is to Christmas (without the change of heart)

In an effort to move away from the data and legal counsel-heavy strategy of Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing replaced him with David Calhoun, the former Chairman of the Board. The decision came in response to the ongoing issues with the cessation of production of the 737 MAX that was effectively mandated by the FAA. Production will remain halted until problems with the avionics are rectified. The company is not an approved counterparty, meaning it has little impact on Public Trust. However, the entity is the largest commercial aircraft manufacturers in the world and the impact of the production disruptions will ripple through the economy. Sell-side analysts and economists are working to estimate the impact on the total GDP, since the aerospace product manufacturing sector “accounts for 0.32% of total nonfarm employment and 0.69% of value added in the U.S. economy” (per Wells Fargo). Regardless of the total impact, the disruptions at Boeing may very well make airline travel booking slightly more challenging with schedules curtailed or combined to account for fewer new aircrafts available.
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