Core Values

Aug 22, 2019


Emmie Madison
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At Public Trust, trust is a critical component of everything we do. It is the foundation on which we build our relationships with clients and our employees. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients, employees, and partners by fostering a culture of confidence in our firm. 
Public Trust is committed to creating and nurturing a culture that fosters trust both internally and externally through our core values of integrity, reliability, accountability, communication, and empowerment. We define these core values as follows.
Integrity: We act in an ethical, transparent manner with respect for our clients and each other to consistently create the best possible outcomes.
Reliability: We provide consistency and quality in our work by honoring our commitments while offering and accepting each other’s support.
Accountability: We take personal responsibility in everything we do to collectively ensure the success of our clients and Public Trust Advisors.
Communication: We provide a safe culture that allows for reciprocal, clear, and open communication that achieves a shared purpose. 
Public Trust Advisors Core Value Image
Empowerment: We embrace an environment, enhanced by technology, that gives individuals the authority, framework, and confidence to make decisions, encourage innovation, and foster growth.
Our Core Values Program was created to recognize those employees who embody our core values and demonstrate excellence through their everyday performance. Employees are nominated by their peers, and the three awards, which each represent one to two of the core values, are awarded on a semi-annual basis. 
The Entrepreneur Award is given to someone who embodies the core value of empowerment and was most recently awarded to Maggie Whitley for her ability to embrace her new role with enthusiasm while continually looking for new projects to tackle. 
The Dedication Award is given to someone who embodies the core values of reliability and accountability and was most recently awarded to Emmie Madison for her willingness to help wherever necessary and quickly respond to the needs of other departments. 
The Optimism Award is given to someone who embodies the core values of integrity and communication and was most recently awarded to Joel Friedman for his diligent communication practices and his willingness to positively represent the firm however possible.
At Public Trust, we believe that living our core values creates a culture that builds trust, fosters confidence, and puts our clients first. 
The information presented is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation of investment advisory services. 

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